5 tips to choose bungalow in Madrid

How to choose your holiday bungalow in Madrid

Choosing a bungalow in Madrid may seem simple. Indeed, because the region has a wide tourist and accommodation offer, yes. Although, this circumstance can sometimes be more of a disadvantage than an advantage. And the fact is that there are many bungalows of many different types. Moreover, finding the ideal accommodation in the right resort or campsite is a very personal matter, as it depends very much on the lifestyle you lead.

So, how to choose a bungalow in Madrid and get it right? Well, in Monte Holiday Ecoturismo we are going to tell you. Take a look at these tips and pack your bags. Your next getaway will be unforgettable 😉 Here you have a few keys, quite relevant in our view, to choose a bungalow in Madrid and find the perfect option. By the way, the reasons we describe below focus on families with children, who like nature, healthy life, responsible, sustainable and ecological tourism, and to talk and meet other people with similar tastes.

Tree houses

1. Facilities truly suitable for families with children

In other words, designed for both children and adults. So that the family can enjoy peace and tranquillity during their holidays. For that reason, when choosing a bungalow in Madrid, pay attention to the location. If it is easy to get there, to get in and out, and if there are no streets or roads with traffic right next to it. It would be perfect if the bungalows were in pedestrian areas. Kids could play around without needing to keep a close eye on them because of the cars.

The atmosphere also counts when choosing a bungalow in Madrid

IThe little ones will have a great time if the resort or campsite is frequented by families with children. And so will you! Remember that if there are other families, it will be much more fun as your children will be able to play with their neighbours and the atmosphere will be very pleasant

Additional relevant aspects in this respect are, for example, that there should be some entertainment, which should be fun but educational. Kids should be able to learn about environmental values, social values, teamwork… The staff should also be child-friendly. Keep this in mind: some dedicated people will work to ensure that the children have good memories.

Family getaway

2. Naturally, they must be in good condition

They don’t need to be new, but they do need to be well-kept. We can say that a bungalow wears out with use more intensely than a flat or a hotel room. Mainly, because they are located in natural areas. You are constantly going in and out with the sand, the earth, the water. On the other hand, these accommodations are exposed to the weather much more directly.

Bungalow location and maintenance are important

Monte Holiday is in the heart of the Madrid Sierra Norte, in the beautiful Lozoya Valley. We offer different types of accommodation (including family bungalows), perfectly equipped and suitable for all seasons. For example, our most modern bungalows, the ecolodges, are ideal for families with children. Or our magical tree houses, a true delight for the whole family… The truth is that at Monte Holiday we are going to make it really hard for you to choose a bungalow in Madrid 😉

Choose your bungalow in Madrid en in the Lozoya Valley

3. When possible, bungalows separated from each other

A bungalow in Madrid on large plots will give you much more privacy. You will not have to hear the neighbour, as it happens in many hotel rooms or even in aparthotels. Sometimes we can even feel packed in like sardines… In some cases the distance between bungalows, mobile homes or other accommodations is a couple of metres or less. Remember that you come to nature in search of freedom and relaxation!

Rascafría forest

4. Choose a bungalow with a view

The bungalows in Madrid, except in some establishments, are located in many cases in valley bottoms or meadows where the most beautiful view you will have is from the bungalow next door.

Surround yourself with nature and beautiful views

At Monte Holiday we are in love with the nature that surrounds us. And that is why we like our guests to enjoy this magnificent landscape. From our tree houses, 7 metres high, where you can see the mountains of the Sierra de Guadarrama National Park. Or from the ecolodges, with huge windows that let nature get in. And our bungalows, with their fantastic porch, are perfect for enjoying the views and an unforgettable evening with the ones you love the most. The panoramic tree house, on the other hand, says it all. Spectacular!

Sustainable toruism: bungalow Madrid

5. Sustainable and regenerative tourism

To choose a bungalow in Madrid, it is also important to see if the establishment offers tourism that is sustainable, regenerative, and committed to the environment. A campsite or ecoresort that uses renewable energies and takes care of the use and consumption of this energy. The insulation of the accommodation, for example, is a fundamental aspect.

If they also have an environmental policy, all the better. Sustainability in tourism, and especially in nature tourism, is fundamental. At Monte Holiday we have the Bioscore Certificate and we are firmly committed to tourism that cares for the environment, protects it, and regenerates it. You can check here everything we do for our environment.

Look for an establishment that cares for the environment

Sustainability also has a more social aspect. And that is respect for people, for employees, for customers. This is corporate social responsibility, to which every company or activity should devote part of its efforts. They must be integrated into the community in which they are located, in other words they must contribute to employment and local trade.

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Monte Holiday, we hope that this article has helped you choose the bungalow in Madrid that you are looking for. However, the best thing is for you to come, see, and enjoy it with the people you love the most, we are waiting for you!¡Reserva ya!

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